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There are many different areas of financial concerns, for people who have these, are unique to each individual. There are many large cases or 'flavours of the month' that people always see on headlines, that being payment protection insurance, charges or pension mis-selling. However, every specific complaint or concern the client has against a bank or financial institution is specific to them. Covd 19 (the coronavirus) is likely to have a huge impact on business and individuals in the coming weeks months and years. We are seeing cases ranging from declined business insurance through to claims under section 75 of the CCA for refused credit card payment refunds. This is likely to continue and increase as teh impact of the coronavirus on teh economy as a whole and individuals takes hold.

Of course that becomes even more relevant when it’s boils down to lending propositions or an act which is unique and individual. We deal with many aspects of clients concerns and have dealt with many over the years, always working on behalf of the client to make sure we work to achieving the best possible solution to the problem and for them.

As we believe in our own abilities, we work purely on a no win no fee basis and always will do. It is important to show a client our commitment to our own expertise and the best way to show this is to only charge when successful.

Mis-Sold Mortgages

There are many ways to mis-selling mortgage but unfortunately most people don’t realise that until it’s too late and several years down the line.

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What is a Mis-Sold Pension?

We hear about mis-selling all the time specifically around payment protection insurance. However we forget that huge numbers of other policies were mis-sold on a daily basis. Investments mortgages life-insurance and of course pensions.

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