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Bank complaints can be wide-ranging and we look at any concern or difficulty that you have, big or small and regardless of age to provide either agreed assistance on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis or, at the very least, putting you into contact with those who can take the concerns that you have forward.

Below is a list of the various concerns that you may have had with your financial institution in the past.  It is by no means a comprehensive list as some people’s concerns, whilst touch on certain aspects of those details can branch out into other concerns also that are not listed, which we are also happy to deal with.

Missold mortgages

We can look at both fees and charges applied to mortgages as well as the selling process primarily in relation to interest-only mortgages which were all the rage in the mid-2000s. 


There are a variety of pension difficulties at the moment and we see that the pension market, following various changes in regulations in recent years is going to be a breeding ground of complaints in the future, where people will be mis-sold the product but will not realise the difficulties as a result of the mis-sale for maybe 15, 20 or even further into the future when they come to look at their pension arrangements.


Annuities are part of pensions and have also had difficulties in the past.  Again, they are an area where we are seeing a number of complaints, primarily the validity of the transfer to an annuity and whether it was appropriate for the individual and their situation. 


Investments have, and always will be, a big problem for people, where advice can be provided offering particularly riskier investments where the sales individual promoting the product can (not always) but on occasion look at investments which are riskier than the client should have had looking at this route in order to obtain greater commission from the sale.


Fraud can take many guises, from incorrect transfers of accounts, missing monies, stop-checks, misappropriation of funds (where we see this with businesses, clubs and societies) where individuals take money against authority which was lodged with the bank.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

A deadline in relation to PPI has been set by the Financial Conduct Authority for the end of August 2019, where people were mis-sold PPI in the past.  It is essential that if you had any form of borrowing in the past, regardless of how far back the Payment Protection Insurance is checked on these facilities.

Package Bank Accounts

For facilities where your current account had a package facility but was not appropriate, we can look at recovering the various fees and charges that were applied as a result.

Where you are in an IVA when making a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claim

A lot of people were in IVA when making a claim in relation to PPI and the monies refunded were paid to the IVA practitioner.  We can look at contacting the bank by way of consequential loss to obtain these PPI premiums that were paid to the administrator of the IVA together with other fees and costs.

Bank charges

Bank charges can be applied on business accounts, as well as personal accounts and cause people considerable amounts of difficulty.  We can, on occasion and depending upon the charges, look at those that were applied.

Commission regarding PPI (Plevin)

If you have had a successful PPI payment in the past, we can check to see if any hidden commission was paid that you are not aware of and, if this was the case, we can look at making a further claim on your behalf in relation to the PPI.

Consequential loss

Consequential loss can be looked at for a number of different aspects, primarily if you have had PPI and there has been a considerable financial knock-on effect as a result.  We can look at obtaining a refund in relation to not only the PPI but also any fees and charges that have, and we can prove, have been associated with the PPI being applied.