Customer Stories

Mr H: After using another claims company where they undertook the search on my behalf I was told that after a reasonable refund that no other PPI was applied and that any other payment protection insurance I had or could have had would have been too old and too far back to trace.

As I did not have any paperwork or any other type of information I was unable to pursue this. Whilst I was searching through Google one day I came across Martin’s details and contacted to see if they could help. Martin confirmed that if there was no refund for whatever reason there would be no fee to pay so I had nothing to lose.

After several months a refund was made, which ran into many thousands of pounds. I was delighted with this and wanted Martin to continue looking into the other cases that I provided and also some new ones. After being a client for over two years with various other concerns now being dealt with, Martin and his team have secured refunds in total over £70,000 and are still continuing to look at various cases.

I cannot speak highly enough of how I’ve been treated where my claims have been satisfied and I would recommend their service wholeheartedly.

Mrs C: Initially I dealt with a claim for payment protection insurance with another company who secured a refund of £3000 on my behalf. At that time they confirmed that I had no other payment protection insurance and that they were unable to look at older facilities I held.

I happen to be looking on the Internet and saw the details to contact Martin and his team, which I chose to do. I had no real hope of them finding any more facilities as what could they do that the other firm couldn’t do. How wrong I was! After several months Martin contacted me and confirmed the refund of over £24,000 had been agreed.

This is a huge sum of money and life-changing for me, and I’m recommending some family members now to conduct the same search through Martin.

Even if I didn’t obtain a refund, I know that I wouldn’t have to pay a fee, but ultimately without Martin and his team’s involvement, I wouldn’t have received this fantastic offer.